A unique look into the edgy and misunderstood world of the parole agent (some call them "social workers with guns") and the ex-felons he is charged with overseeing. An LA parole agent confronts a new partner -- a female ex-con, hired as a trainee to help out during a budget crisis. Series 'bible', future loglines and pilot episode treatment. (Coauthor: Mike McGuire, developed with Charles Fries). Read Sample


Situation Comedy/Drama
A couple and their young son move from the midwest to an apartment complex in West Hollywood and discover, to their surprise, that the neighborhood is predominantly gay. Top 50 out of 900 entries in Foxlab Sitcom Contest. FINALIST: American Accolades contest. Series 'bible', two fully-scripted episodes, additional loglines. (Coauthor: Kean Mantius). Read sample

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