Romantic Fantasy
How long would you wait
for the love of your life?

Now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and fine book stores everywhere. In paperback and e-book from Event Horizon Press

"... I picked it up and didn't want to put it down...joyousand hilarious... " -- Andrew Wagner, writer/director, producer,"Starting Out in the Evening" and "The Talent Given Us". 

"... a fresh, imaginative and often humorous spin on an age-old premise of getting a second chance on love and life, executed with wit and charming characterization that shows strong potential at the box office..." 
- Scriptshark, RECOMMEND

"It's a great tale from beginning to end, with excellent character development and delightful surprises. Two of Hearts deserves to reach the big screen and be enjoyed by lovers everywhere! What a Valentine!"
Joseph R. Cowles, publisher, Event Horizon Press  

Triggerstreet Top Ten 
Write Movies Semifinalist 
FADE IN Magazine Semifinalist  
2008 Scriptshark Insider Semifinalist  
Visionfest Semifinalist  
Feel Good Film Festival Semifinalist  
SoCal Film Festival Semifinalist  
Big Bear Lake Int'l Film Festival 2nd Round  

Alec Myers is smart, good-looking, rich...and dead. After an accident, he winds up on the 'other side' where he's forced to face some unpleasant truths about himself. Just as he's about to get a second chance, his ex-wife donates his heart for transplant, complicating his return to life, his search for a lost romance and his redemption in a daring act of courage.
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"...strong original twist on the 2nd chance theme. An emotionally satisfying ending that left me in a warm place. Appeals to a wide audience. Well-paced. Plenty of obstacles. Tension builds and accelerates nicely right up to the heart-thumping climax...with an unforgettable showdown between the two leads."

-- Eric Pomert
   Director, Script Consultant

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