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This has been a long time coming.

SONGS WRITTEN AND PERFORMED BY SAUNDRA MATHEWSSome years ago, I tried to catalog Saundra's vast collection of music, theatre programs, diaries, photos and other items but couldn't seem to finish the task. Perhaps it was too soon. Oddly, the project was finally moved forward by the impermanence of technology. The original tapes that make up this volume were rapidly deteriorating and had to be saved or lost forever. Perhaps this compact disc will prove more enduring to the ravages of time if not the mildew in my garage. Thanks so much to my partner for his masterful digital mastering that helped to stop time.

Listening to these songs more than three decades after they were recorded is certainly an emotional experience. But not at all painful. With the passage of time, I find myself excited and inspired by the sheer joy and power and talent of this woman. I especially recommend the title song Move Through Time. It's the best example of Saundra’s artistic vision and humanity; insightful, filled with longing, intelligence and acceptance.
I also enjoy "I’m Coming Home", “Summer Song”, "Conversations" and the whimsical "Alexander Ragtime Bear". Others will undoubtedly have their own favorites.

Paul has digitally remastered the material, but some of it remains technically marginal. Only a handful of the songs were recorded in a studio. Most are informal home sessions -- Saundra, cigarette and coffee mug in hand, huddled over her piano by the window  -- singing and playing into an outmoded cassette recorder. Often, she's writing the song, revising it, or even forgetting it, as she works.

The singing, piano-playing and most of the music and lyrics are hers. There are also cuts from the Emily Dickenson  project with William Wood and a live performance from "You Remind Me of a Friend".

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Warren John Deacon
June, 2013

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