Sci-fi Fantasy Adventure
The end is only the beginning....

When a troubled young man 
unearths the power of an ancient prophecy, 
he must battle an extremist
who fears he will use the discovery 
to change the course of civilization. 

Inspired by such films as:
"The Omen, 2001: A Space Odyssey", 
"The Sixth Sense", "The Matrix".

"a fresh take on an old theme about mankind, the environment, and the search for God which cleverly uses the science fiction framework to get its message across." -- William Morris Agency.

Quarterfinalist: Nicholl/Academy 
Triggerstreet Top Ten, RECOMMEND

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SYNOPSIS: A disillusioned scientist translates a microscopic message concealed in a 5000 year-old seed and uncovers a startling prophecy that foretells an end to hunger and disease, threatening the profits of international agricultural and healthcare conglomerates.

He tracks down Ben Wheat, the son of the woman who discovered the seed, now a young man struggling with his destiny. Narrowly evading the forces aligned against him, Ben travels to an uncharted island where he fulfills the prophecy, unleashing a powerful beam of energy from space and triggering a game-changing alignment of the earth’s axis and distance from the sun. 

With staggering vegetation growth, unprecedented climate change and a remarkable shift in the planet's magnetic field that stuns scientists, world hunger declines, disease rates plummet and earth's citizens come together in a new partnership of cooperation and tolerance. 

 "A fairly compelling sci-fi (fantasy) drama with an environmental and spiritual twist...(Lead) Ben Wheat is eerily calm, curious and compelling. “ 
-- CONSIDER with rewrite.
(Rewrite completed)

-- William Morris literary, Los Angeles.

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