The time is the early sixties. JAY and DANNY are deejays
who have introduced rock and roll to the airwaves of a small
desert town radio station. A group of locals, led by Trey, has
decided to take action on the night of a big live concert.

               EXT. HIGHWAY - NIGHT

              Trey hits the brakes. Two of his friends leap out of their
              cars. They grab Sam and drag him to the truck.

                         I told you. No dancing tonight!

              INT. TREY'S TRUCK - MOVING

              Trey clicks on the interior light. Grabs Sam by the hair.
              Stares into the youngster's face.

                         What's that on your face!?

              INT. EXHIBIT HALL

              Jay checks his watch.

                         They're cutting it a little close.

              Several KIDS approach the stage.

                         When's he gonna be on?

              EXT. DIRT ROAD

              The lights from their motorcycles DITHER wildly over the
              bumpy road as Skimp and the Bikers race toward the


              Trey's truck SQUEALS to a stop. Trey pushes Sam out onto
              the shoulder.

              The convoy SMOKES away down the highway, leaving Sam
              sprawled in the grass. His face is cut and bruised. His
              mascara smudged with tears.

              He sits up quickly. Something is approaching. The silver
              limousine ROLLS up.

              A very, very long beat. Even in the middle of nowhere,
              with only one person watching, 'he' knows how to milk an

              At last, the dark, tinted window of the limo grinds down
              with an electrical WHIR. The occupant leans forward:

              It's none other than LITTLE RICHARD -- splendiferous in a
              shimmering satin jumpsuit and outrageous Fellini-esque

                                       LITTLE RICHARD
                         I wonder if you could direct us to
                         the fairgrounds? We seem to be

              He notices Sam's face.

                                       LITTLE RICHARD
                         What happened? Maurice!

              MAURICE is Little Richard's colossally-muscled bodyguard.
              He steps out. Picks Sam up. Hustles him inside the limo.

                                       LITTLE RICHARD
                         Sweet Jesus! Get me the First Aid

              The window slides shut. The limo slips off into the night.

              INT. EXHIBIT HALL

              A loud CHANT from the kids on the dance floor: "We want
              Little Richard! We want Little Richard!"

              EXT. HIGHWAY

              Tilton listens to the CHANT on his car radio. He clicks it

                                (to another officer)
                         I better take a run over there.

              He SPEEDS away.

              INT. EXHIBIT HALL

              Jay's on the bandstand. Speaks into the mike.

                                (on PA)
                         Little Richard and his band will be
                        here live in just a minute. But
                         while we're waiting, let's continue
                         with another hot new hit from
                         the big 1130, K-C-K-ELLL!

              Jan and Dean's Surf City HAMMERS through the building.
              INT. RADIO STUDIO

              Jarvis listens to the MUSIC and CHANTING on the studio

                                       JAY (OVER)
                                (on PA)
                         Just a reminder that Little Richard
                         is live, in concert, tonight and
                         tickets are still available.

              INT. EXHIBIT HALL

              A large CROWD surrounds the stage. STOMPS and YELLS. Danny
              pleads for order over the music. The deputies watch the
              crowd nervously.

              EXT. DIRT ROAD

              Trey and his friends drive slowly up a ridge. The KCKL
              tower looms into view. They switch off their headlights.
              Head off the road into open desert.

              EXT. FAIRGROUNDS

              Tilton sits in his patrol car at the front entrance. He
              looks up in alarm as Skimp and the Bikers converge on the
              grounds, mufflers POPPING.

              EXT. HIGHWAY

              The police stand around chatting. Tilton's voice BOOMS
              over the radios.

                                       TILTON (OVER)
                         This is Tilton. The damn bikers are
                         here! All units, now!!!

              Officers leap into their cars and head toward the
              fairgrounds, sirens BAWLING.

              EXT. RADIO TOWER

              Trey and friends cluster around the tower. They gaze up at
              the massive supporting guy wires stretching away into the


              Danny runs along. POUNDS on doors. When he finally hits
              the right one:

                                       MAURICE (O.S.)

              INT. DRESSING ROOM

              Danny rushes in.

              Seated in an armchair like madonna and child are Little
              Richard and Sam. Little Richard dabs tenderly at the blood
              on the kid's face with cotton swabs and astringent.

                         What happened?

                                       LITTLE RICHARD
                         If that cracker comes anywhere near
                         this boy, there's gonna be big trouble in
                         River City!

              Maurice nods grimly.

                                (to Danny)
                         Trey and some of the guys went out
                         to the tower.

              Danny heads for the door.

                                (to Little Richard)
                         Listen, it's getting a little crazy
                         out there.

                                       LITTLE RICHARD
                         Shall I go on and cool 'em down?

                         Please. We'll announce you.

              Little Richard checks himself in the mirror.

                                       LITTLE RICHARD
                         Sugar, they know who I am.

              Maurice charges out, barking orders into a walkie-talkie.
              He leads Little Richard down the hall to the stage.

              EXT. THE TOWER

              Trey goes around to the back of his truck. A CLANK. Then
              the metallic flash of chains in the dusty moonlight.

              INT. EXHIBIT HALL

              ON STAGE

              Jay moves the mike back, away from some kids who are
              throwing paper cups.

              IN THE WINGS

              Little Richard waits, holding a microphone, as his band
              members take their places.

              AT THE ENTRANCE

              the Deputies are startled as Skimp and the Bikers stream
              into the hall followed by a very agitated Tilton.

              ON THE DANCE FLOOR

              Danny claws his way through the crowd. When he sees Skimp,
              he runs over. A quick, frantic conference.

              Skimp rounds up his Gang and rushes back out. The Deputies
              are now totally confused. Tilton is delirious. He confers
              with Danny: "What is going on?"

              EXT. THE TOWER

              Trey loops a tow chain around one of the guy wires.
              Secures it to his truck.

                                       LITTLE RICHARD (OVER)
                                (on PA)
                         Oooh-Wheeeeee!!!! Are you ready, Baaay-beee?

              INT. EXHIBIT HALL

              A ROAR of approval. The band KICKS the intro.

              ON STAGE

              Sam joins the Backup Singers. Dances insanely. Clearly,
              this is what he was born to do!
                                (on PA)
                         And now, in celebration of one year
                         of rock and roll radio in the
                         Mojave Valley, ladies and
                         gentlemen...Mr. Little Richard!

              Little Richard sweeps on. Flashes Sam a big grin. Scans
              the all-white audience.

              ON THE FLOOR

              Some SCREAM racial epithets. Others APPLAUD wildly.

                                       LITTLE RICHARD
                                (on PA)
                         Oooh, I just love foul mouth
                         cowboys! Big black boots and all
                         that luscious leather!

              He prances over to Maurice who is

              BACK STAGE

                                       LITTLE RICHARD
                         All white and outa-sight! Keep the engine runnin'
                         -- 'case we have to make a hasty departure!

              CENTER STAGE

              As the band CRANKS into the original, down and dirty
              version of --

                                       LITTLE RICHARD
                         GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY
                         SURE LIKE TO BALL!

              IN THE CROWD

              the Preacher reacts: did Little Richard just sing what he
              thought he heard?


              Danny's on a pay phone. Shouts over the noise.

                         I don't know. They're on their way
                         out there.

              INT. RADIO STUDIO

              Jarvis peers through the window into the darkness.

                                (on phone)
                         I'll keep an eye out.

              INT. EXHIBIT HALL

              ON STAGE

              Little Richard SLASHES into the song.

                                       LITTLE RICHARD
                         GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY!!
                         YOU SURE LIKE TO BALL!!

              ON THE DANCE FLOOR

              a mob of Deputies and Officers from the checkpoint BURSTS
              into the hall. Tilton frantically waves them back.

                         Get out to the radio station!

              The Police CHARGE back out. Danny rounds up Jay and
              Jennifer and they follow.

                                       LITTLE RICHARD
                         WHEN YOU'RE ROCKIN' AND A ROLLIN'

              INT. RADIO STUDIO

              Jarvis monitors the chaos on the speakers.

                                       LITTLE RICHARD (OVER)
                         CAN'T HEAR YOUR MAMA CALL!

              EXT. THE TOWER

              Trey commands the scene from the running board of his

              An array of vehicles rings the tower. Headlights pointed
              outward into darkness. Each has a tow chain looped around
              a guy wire.

                                       LITTLE RICHARD (OVER)
                         FROM THE EARLY, EARLY MORNING
                         TO THE EARLY, EARLY NIGHT

              Trey wheels around. Dust clouds EXPLODE over the hill as
              Skimp and the Bikers arrive.

                                        LITTLE RICHARD (OVER)
                         GAWD ALMIGHTY MOLLY ROCKIN'
                         IN THE HOUSE OF BLUE LIGHT!!!

              INT. EXHIBIT HALL

              The Band PUMPS as a full-blown free-for-all RADIATES
              through the building.

                                       LITTLE RICHARD
                         OOOH! HONEY! WELCOME TO THE WILD,
                         WILD WEST!!!

              A fight has broken out between Kids, the Anti-rockers and
              several Parents. The last view is comic, even

              A few isolated pockets of determined Souls, still vertical
              and dancing furiously. While all around them, a sea of
              horizontal Kids, Adults and Police -- kicking, flailing,

              EXT. THE TOWER

              Skimp kickstands his bike. Stomps toward Trey. The other
              Bikers move in. Trey's Gang meets them halfway.

                         We'll take care of these guys.
                                (to two of his
                         You know what to do.

              The two Gangmembers slip away into the darkness.

                                (to Trey)
                         You remind me of a preacher I used
                         to know.

              He grabs Trey roughly.

                         He just hated it when anybody had any fun.

              A brawl erupts between the groups. Trey strains under
              Skimp's grip. Backs toward his truck.

              Sirens SCREAM. A string of police cars snakes up the road,
              lead by Tilton. Danny, Jay and Jennifer arrive next. Danny
              leaps out. Plunges toward Trey as the Police move in.

              Skimp SLAMS Trey hard against his truck. With his free
              hand, Trey struggles to reach the steering wheel through
              the window.

              In the darkness around the tower, some of Trey's Gang
              panic as Police surround them. Several release the chains
              and drive away.

              But the chosen Two are in their vehicles. Engines ROARING.

                                       LITTLE RICHARD (OVER)
                         GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY
                         SURE LIKE TO BALL

              Trey kicks out at Skimp, catching him off guard. Danny
              moves in. He lands an almost perfect punch to Trey's jaw.

              Trey's stunned. Skimp and Danny let down their guard for a
              split second. Trey lurches violently. Spins. JABS his
              elbow into the horn.


              The horn BLASTS. Skimp rips Trey away from the truck.

              Trey's two Gangmembers FLOOR their engines. Shift. And
              race away from the tower.

              The guy wires SNAP. Jarvis rushes out. The life drains
              from his face.

              The two wires cut by the tow chains are enough. The tower
              QUIVERS. STUMBLES like a drunk. Desperate to keep its
              balance. The rest of the wires RUPTURE. One at a time. In
              a clean, methodical sequence.

                         Get back everybody! She's coming down!!

              The tower hangs suspended in pure space for a split
              second. Everyone looks to the sky.

              An aching HOWL of steel. The base of the tower EXPLODES in
              a torrent of sparks. The upper sections CRUMBLE in on
              themselves. CRASH to the ground. A mighty cloud of dust
              and debris MUSHROOMS into the air.

              Danny's head SNAPS back. He scans the fearful darkness above.
              Something massive and deadly is RUSHING down toward him.

              A dull THUD. Then a SCREAM of pain in the darkness.

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